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Wednesday 22nd May 2024 | Telephone numbers on TPS: 16,758,923 | Telephone numbers on CTPS: 1,310,934 | Total numbers registered: 18,069,857

TPS and CTPS Checker

TPS and CTPS Checker - Online Self-service

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) registers were set up to protect individuals and companies from nuisance marketing calls. Monetary penalties can be imposed by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) on organisations that do not screen their telephone numbers against the TPS and CTPS registers every 28 days.

This website is an online TPS and CTPS checker and is available to you 24/7/365 to:

  • Upload lists of telephone numbers - simply upload .csv or .txt files of the telephone numbers that you need to check – and get the results back in seconds.
  • Check single numbers - enter the number you would like to check and get an instant notification on-screen to tell you if a number is OK to call or not.

Here are some great things about our TPS and CTPS Checker:

  • Your numbers will be checked against both the TPS and CTPS registers automatically, as recommended by the ICO, at no extra cost.
  • An auditable history of all of your checks are kept in your account as evidence of your legal compliance.
  • There is no minimum order. Check 1 number or 100,000 numbers or more. If you screen 50,000+ numbers per month, our Unlimited Use deal would suit you best. Please get in touch for details.
  • Our TPS and CTPS checker is easy to use. But if you get stuck, please get in touch, we will be pleased to help you out. We'll even help if you receive a letter from the ICO.
  • We update the register data every day. So you can be certain that you are checking you numbers against the latest TPS and CTPS register data.

Take a look at our 5 easy steps to get started.

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