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5 Easy Steps – to save time and money

To get a quote and start to clean your telephone numbers online against the TPS or CTPS registers, quickly and at low cost, just follow these 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1 - Register - as a user
Step 2 - Instant quote - for cleansing for your list
Step 3 - Payment – for your online credits
Step 4 - Submit your list or single numbers – to this website
Step 5 - Receive the results

If you do not have time to check your list online please contact us about our Managed Service.


Step 1 - Register

  • Please register here and you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration.
  • Please click on the link in the email you receive to activate your account.
  • You will then receive another email confirming your password and user name.
  • Use this information to return to the website and login to your account.


Step 2 - Instant Quote 

  • Having logged in to your account, follow the link to the Pricing Calculator.
  • Here you can specify how many telephone numbers you would like to TPS check.
  • Click the 'Update' button to receive your instant quote. 
  • Our checker screened against both the TPS and CTPS registers automatically.


Step 3 - Payment

  • Pay Online - once you have finalised your quote for the quantity of credits you require - Click on the 'Pay Via PayPal' button and then the 'Pay Now' button - and then select how you would like to pay:
    • Credit, debit or charge card - use the link towards the bottom - 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card'.
    • PayPal account - use your Paypal user name and password to log in and make payment.

    Once payment has been received, you will receive an email confirming that credits have been added to your Member account. You will also receive a VAT receipt for your payment. You will then be ready for Step 4.

  • Pay Offline – Please email details of the quantity of TPS credits you would like to purchase to Credits will be added to your account and an invoice sent to you. You will then be ready for Step 4.
  • Standing Order - If you would prefer to pay by standing order, please contact us.


Step 4 - Submit your list of telephone numbers or your single number(s)


Check a List of Numbers

  • Save a list of just your telephone numbers in a single first column/field - and 'Save As' a .csv (comma separated value - recommended) or a .txt (text) file format.
  • Please ensure that your numbers meet the file guidelines, which in summary are:
    • Include the area code e.g. 01451 860805 or 01451860805 i.e. with or without a leading zero and with or without spaces
    • Please remove extension numbers e.g. x2345
    • Include only one telephone number per record.  The checker cannot screen multiple numbers in the same cell/field e.g. 07802861197/01451860805
    • Don't worry about including text or non-numeric characters e.g. ()-?/ etc. as the checker will ignore these and only check numerics e.g. 0-9. 
    • It's also now OK to include international dialling codes e.g. +44 or 0044.  The checker will remove these for the purposes of screening.
  • Log into your Members Area.  Use the ’Choose File/Browse’ button to select your file of numbers and click the ‘Upload comparison’ button to start the automated checking.
  • You can include data as well as phone number e.g. reference numbers.  This data will be retained and returned to you in the output file, unchanged.


Check a Single Number

  • Log in to your Members Area and click on 'Check a single number' to check one or more numbers one at a time via your web browser
  • Enter the telephone number that you would like to check in the box shown and click the button
  • The results of your check will be displayed on screen to indicate whether the number is registered and to which register it has matched - and whether it is 'safe' to call or 'do not call'.

The system retains a record of every number you check within your account, providing you with a audit trail.  To view this infromation, once logged in, click on the Account History link.

Step 5 - Receive the results (for lists of numbers)

  • Within a few seconds you will receive an email with the TPS-checked telephone numbers attached (called the ‘Modified File’) and a copy of your original file.
  • The Modified File contains all of your numbers in their original sequence, so you can paste them straight back into your original database and they will align perfectly, with the numbers that you should not call highlighted by appending the following to the end of the record:
    • Yes - indicating a match to C/TPS registers - i.e. DO NOT CALL
    • TPS or CTPS - in the next field to indicate to which register your number matched
    • A date and time stamp - to indicate a date 28 days later when the next TPS check is due (if you're still calling on the file)
  • The results will be saved in your Members Area, which you can view by clicking on the 'Comparison History' link.


It’s as simple as that!

To purchase more credits, simply login and access the Pricing Calculator and repeat the process from Step 2.

If you would like to automate TPS checking using our API - please see the API documentation here

If you have any questions, please contact us

Thank you very much for using 121prodata.


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