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Wednesday 22nd May 2024 | Telephone numbers on TPS: 16,758,923 | Telephone numbers on CTPS: 1,310,934 | Total numbers registered: 18,069,857

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The TPS credits that you purchase can be used to check:

  • single numbers and lists of numbers via the website and
  • single numbers and lists of numbers using our TPS API

Yes. You can include other data in the file that you upload (or API call). Reference numbers are a good idea but please avoid including personal data.

You need place the telephone number in the first field if uploading lists to the website. Please get in touch if you would prefer the checker to check a different field so that we can customise this for you.

Data that you submit will be returned to you unedited and in the same sequence.

The credits you purchase will stay on your account for 10 years before they expire.


You can use your credits all at once, in batches or one at a time. So, for example, if you purchase 1,000 credits you could:

  • check a list of 500 numbers, then
  • check 250 numbers one at a time, then
  • check 250 numbers via our TPS API.

To prepare a list of telephone numbers for TPS checking, arrange your telephone numbers in the first column/field of your file; ‘Save As’ a .csv (comma separated value – recommended) or a .txt (text) file format.

Please ensure that your numbers meet the following criteria:

  • Include the area code e.g. 01451 860805 or 1451860805 i.e. with or without a leading zero and with or without spaces
  • Please remove extension numbers e.g. x2345 or any other digits after the telephone number
  • Include only one telephone number per record. The checker cannot screen multiple numbers in the same cell/field e.g. 07802861197/01451860805
  • Don’t worry about including text or non-numeric characters e.g. ()-?/ etc. as the checker will ignore these and only check numbers 0-9.
  • It’s also now OK to include international dialling codes e.g. +44 or 0044. The checker will remove these for the purposes of screening.

No problem.

Just get in touch and we’ll help you out and if required replace your credits so you can try again.

If you upload a list of numbers to the website, you will receive all your numbers back in the same sequence.

Each number will be flagged to indicate if it is registered on the TPS or CTPS registers.

Any private or corporate subscriber can register with the TPS to stop receiving unsolicited telephone sales calls.

They can report the event to the Information Commissioner’s Office, who in turn can issue a penalty of up to £500,000.

No. Any sales call from any organisation how ever big or small is treated in exactly the same way.

Even calls from charities or political parties canvassing support are included.

Please review the ICO’s webpage for more details.

121prodata has a full licence for both TPS and CTPS registers. We update our lists against which you can screen your numbers every business day by synchronising our lists with the main register.

Please create an account and check your telephone numbers to ensure that you know who you can call without risk.

The cost for this service can be found by using the calculator on the Pricing page.

121prodata does not charge ‘Set up’ or ‘Admin’ fees if you screen your data online yourself.

If you would prefer to use our Managed Service, we will prepare and screen your telephone numbers. In this case, there may be an additional charge, depending on the amount of preparation required and the quantity of telephone numbers to be screened.

Create an account today on this website and TPS check your telephone numbers to exclude C/TPS-registered numbers.

Is there anything else we can help with? Please Contact Us